Gufy Riter

We Love Creating Christian Stuff

My oldest son (the one holding light sabers) reads novels in weeks. He read almost all teen novels before they became movies. He is also a Star Wars encyclopedia and wields a pretty mean light saber.

See him in action

The challenge was finding Christian novels.

One evening I was writing a Christian screenplay hoping to follow my dream of writing Christian movies. My 2 boys were watching The Clone Wars on the Cartoon Network.

The Lord spoke to me and told me to write a Bible story as a novel based on Star Wars. My response? Which Bible story? There are so many.

Together, the 3 of us spent several years developing and writing a trilogy based on the Story of Joseph and the brothers who betrayed him.

The result is a family friendly adventure everyone can enjoy!

We Love ​Christian ​Music

The only music we listen to is Christian music. We play it in our home every day. Sometimes it’s worship music with Jesus Culture or Kari. Sometimes it’s contemporary with an edge. Sometimes it’s Stryper. We wouldn’t have completed the novel if it hadn’t been for Mandesa encouraging us through some of the most difficult times a person can imagine when almost everything was taken from me.

So we added over 50 songs hidden throughout the story. See if you can find them all.